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Plated lunches and dinners

“....who’d have thought you could produce such elegant food from a barbecue?...”

Our plates are colourful, simple and striking. Starters are light, firmly focussed on flavour and designed with an entertaining twist. Main courses are flamboyant with the ingredients speaking for themselves.... sumptuous grilled and wood-roasted marinaded meats, fish and vegetables, imaginatively served with the freshest seasonal accompaniments.

Plated Starters

Our starters are created for the wow-factor, both in taste and visual impact

Home Oak-Smoked Chicken Salad
with Pistachios, Apricots and Labneh Yoghurt, Parsley, Tarragon, Mint, Coriander, Pea Shoots, Toasted Almonds with Lemon Butter and Persian Pickled Cherries. Homemade Flat breads

A Selection of Finely Sliced Charcuterie
with Parmesan, Summer Pickled Peppers and Beetroot, Puy Lentil & Wasabi Salsa. Char-grilled Garlic Sough Dough

Grilled Cornish Gavric Goats’ Cheese
with Hazelnut and Brioche topping, Rocket, Dandelion, Nasturtium and Purple Amaranth. Cerises au Vinaigre and Hazelnut Dressing

Fresh Boiled Cornish Crab
with a Green Papaya, Lime, Coriander and Sesame Salad. Char-grilled Flat Breads with Avocado Butter

Home Oak-Smoked Salmon and Whiskey & Brown Sugar Gravadlax
with Carpaccio of Beetroot and Fennel, Orange & Pink Pepper Corn Salad

Char-grilled Rye Bread

Ceviche of Tuna , Salmon and Sea Bass
Tequila, Lime & Chilli Dressing, with Mango, Pineapple, mixed Baby Leafs and Shoots

Mezze to share
served on Individual Cornish slates

A Vegetable slate of char-grilled asparagus, wood roast artichokes, peppers, aubergine and red onions
drizzled with balsamic glaze, shards of parmesan and basil

A slate of Italian Charcuterie
with Buttermilk and Garlic Sauce, Beetroot Confit and Horseradish & Celeriac Remoulade

Selection of char grilled Breads

Plated and semi-plated main courses

Plated main courses can look stunning and do have their place, but more and more so, our clients are opting for a relaxed approach to lunch or dinner and enjoying the alternative of semi-plated lunches and dinners. We plate the star of the show with a lovely something else and a sauce, salsa or jelly, then serve other dishes to the table for your guests to share. We love cooking exotic meat, birds or fish. Anything from kudu, zebra, ostrich or conger eel to rabbit or venison. And what’s more important; our clients love it too.

Meat and Birds, cooked in wood-fired ovens and over charcoal barbecues really do have the edge over conventional methods of cooking, to attain such a high heat for searing and roasting is imperative to the end result, add other ingredients cooked over coals or wood with salads, vegetables, salsas and sauces and you have a flavour explosion!

Here are some favourites.....

Wood-roast fillet of lamb marinated
with lemon zest, juniper, thyme and garlic with a sloe gin and balsamic reduction Spring cabbage timbale of char-grilled aubergine, leek and char-grilled asparagus. Saffron Anya potatoes. Plum, tomato, basil & mint sauce.

Wood-roast Pigeon ( very tender and only slightly gamey)
with warm Moroccan spices. Pea, broad bean & mint purée. Pan-fried couscous cake of red onion, feta cheese, pine nuts and golden raisins. Roast pickled peppers and wilted lettuce. Pomegranate molasses jus.

Char-grilled Aberdeen Angus fillet steak
with fresh chunky chip. Blistered vine cherry tomatoes with garlic and chives.Portobello mushrooms. Crispy green salad dressed with French vinaigrette. Béarnaise sauce. Port & thyme jus

Wood-roast Guinea fowl
brined in orange, thyme and bay for 24 hours cooked on the bone for maximum flavour

Wood-roast artichokes
Sweet potato Gratin. Yellow and green beans, fresh peas and broad beans with thyme, pink pepper corns, parsley and almonds. Vine plum tomato, Kalamata olive, aubergine & basil salsa.

Gloucester Old Spot pork loin cooked on the bone
with fennel garlic and bay. Sweet potato, ginger & cumin puff pastry pie. Wilted spring greens and fine green beans with hazelnut butter. Morel mushroom and garlic cream sauce. Spiced rhubarb relish

Wood-roast duck breast marinated
with preserved cumquat, coriander five spice and ginger. Steamed fragrant jasmine rice. Chinese broccoli, pickled red peppers and chilli, garlic and hot & sour cumquat sauce

Fish lends itself beautifully to our style of cooking; placed in our 450 degrees wood-fired ovens skin-side-up we achieve delicious crispy skin en masse every time

Crispy-skinned wood-roast sea bream
with fennel seeds, lemon zest and chervil. Char-grilled courgettes, asparagus, broad beans and saffron butter shallots. Baby New Jersey potatoes. Tomato vinaigrette

Crispy skinned wood-roast red mullet

Wood roast gazpacho of aubergine, sweet potatoes, courgettes, red onions, peppers and olives
Thyme anchovies. Lemon oil. Garlic samphire

Seared tuna steak rubbed
with sweet paprika, lime zest and cracked black pepper. Classic paella of chorizo, chicken, prawns, mussels, peppers, peas, and saffron rice. Fennel, pink pepper corn & orange salad

Crispy skinned wood-roast sea bass
with samphire and sunflower sprouts. Crushed Anya potatoes, chive and wild garlic butter. Yellow, fine green bean and carrot ‘tagliatelli’. Cray fish and hot smoked mussel beurre blanc

Hot oak-smoked salmon
Wood-roast garlic chips. Rocket, watercress, baby red chard & sorrel salad in a caper and lemon dressing. Tarragon & chervil béarnaise sauce

Whole wood-roast lobster
with a brandy, Pernod, anchovy, paprika cream sauce. Fresh cut chunky chips. Crisp green salad with artichokes and asparagus and light vinaigrette

Wood-roast crispy skinned cod
Celeriac and potato gratin. Warm-spiced glazed fennel, leeks and carrots. Viognier, pancetta, caper, parsley cream sauce