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Blistering Bites

15 years as the UK’s number one al fresco catering company

“...all the drama, colour and flavours of Blistering distilled into a mouthful...”

Blistering Bites, delicious, colourful, striking, are brought directly to your guests in any numbers, from 100 to 10,000, hot from the coals or smoked and roasted from the wood-fired ovens on our vast range of plates, trays and boards. Contemporary or rustic, our bites are beautiful, but we don’t fiddle around - this is dramatic Blistering cuisine in small packages made from fresh, seasonal and well-sourced ingredients seared and roasted by our team of talented chefs

For an event of short duration, Blistering Bites make for an exciting, memorable party with a hit of theatre and drama. If guests are arriving at different times, you can be sure that they will be entertained by the colours and flavours of spectacular outdoor cooking the moment they arrive. Or why not offer a few delicious Bites as a tantalising taster before a Blistering buffet, banquet or dinner.

Classic Margarita
with a rich Sanmarzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella Fior di latte, parmesan & basil on a thin crust sourdough base with extra virgin olive oil.

Aberdeen Angus Fillet Steak
marinated in Bordeaux Red, Thyme and Garlic with Hollandaise Dipping Sauce.

Individual Blistering Lamb Shwarma
with char-grilled Lamb marinated in Lebanese Spices, rolled in Flatbreads with Crunchy Red Peppers, Fresh Baby Spinach and Sweet Chilli & Yoghurt Dressing

Black Pepper Vodka Chicken Skewers
marinated in Black & Pink Pepper, Vodka, Chilli Coconut Sugar and Lime with Peach & Mint Dip

Honey and Maple-brined Pork Belly and Crackling Skewers
with Rhubarb and Rosemary Jelly.

Chargrilled Duck Breast
marinated in Apricot Liqueur, Orange, Anise, Cinnamon, Cumin and Chervil with deep fried ginger.

Grilled Mexican-spiced Tiger Tail Prawns
with Tequila and Mint & Lime Sour Cream.

In-house hot-smoked Salmon
on toasted Soda Bread topped with Vodka Sour Cream and Caviar

Seared Tuna Sashimi
served on deep-fried Plantain Chips with Cucumber, Spring Onion, Mild Red Chilli and Wasabi Mayonnaise.

Darjeeling Sweet Potato and Red Onion Bhaji
with Tomato, Darjeeling Tea & Masala sauce

Char-grilled Asparagus
with Sumac & Lemon Aioli

Beignets Soufflés
with Gruyère, Chives & Spring Onions, rolled in Parmesan.