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Corporate Catering

15 years as the UK’s number one al fresco catering company

"The feedback from all of the guests was that the food was absolutely amazing – the salmon in particular was a huge hit, as was the hog roast, and the brownies were simply divine."

Corporate Catering – Our Unique Cuisine

Blistering offer something different. A Unique Cuisine of marinated, char-grilled, basted and wood-roasted dishes cooked live on our original cast iron Blistering Barbecues and in our own spectacular terracotta wood-fired ovens. From Bites to Banquets, from Streetfood Stalls to Bowl parties, we guarantee fabulous flavours and add theatre and impact to any Corporate Catering event.

Corporate catering – the al fresco professionals

If a highly professional stand-out outdoors event with instant atmosphere, theatre, colour and style is what you are looking for, Blistering are the stand-out in the world of corporate caterers. We have the equipment, the knowhow and the years of experience cooking with charcoal and wood making for a slick and impressive operation: Just what you need to pull off an unforgettable and theatrical catering show. Check out our testimonials to see what people are saying about us.

Corporate Catering – Numbers

Catering for corporate crowds from a 200-strong VIP event to a family fun day for 30,000 employees, Blistering will deliver the finest food in the corporate catering world. With ranks of dedicated chefs, 30 Blistering Barbecues and six (and soon to be more) of our giant wood-fired ovens, no corporate catering event is too big.

Corporate Catering - Communication

At Blistering, we understand that client communication is the key to any successful corporate catering event. We are always at the end of the line to answer the slightest query. With detailed meetings, site visits and constant communication, at any Blistering Event, nothing is left to chance.