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Previous Events

Blistering have been catering for every type of corporate event for over fitteen years. Our experience ranges from providing plated lunches at VIP events to feeding over 30,000 people with the best of barbecued food straight from the grills.

Please take a look at the two events below to discover how we work from large to small. We would be delighted to answer any of your questions and to provide you with a quote. Please call us on 01825 714712.


Date: July/August 2011/2012

Guests: 30,000 Guests (two venues)

Food: Barbecue

focus on Skyfest

‘Thank you so much for yet again making Skyfest a huge success. There aren’t many companies out there that can feed 23,000 people over the summer in 5 different locations up and down the country. You and your team had the mammoth task of feeding 7,000 hungry punters in one day and you did it with smiles on your faces! Tim your approach and professionalism throughout the project was faultless, the food was tasty as ever and your staff polite and professional. We look forward to working with you and your team next year.'


Date: December 2012

Guests: 1,800 Guests (two venues)

Food: Après Ski

focus on google

‘I can't say enough about how special all of you have made this event. The venue and the staff were great (I hope they like their new sofa), the whole place looked spectacular, the entertainment was superb, the food was glorious (the brownies and the presentation were spot on) - but overall - all the effort you all put in to make it so was superb. So a big big big thank you again to Nigel and the team at Blistering – It will go down in Google legend!'

Magdalene May Ball

Date / Venue: Cambridge June 2011

Guests: 1500 Guests

Food: 3 Food Stations and Late night Spit Roasts

‘I am writing to thank you for the invaluable contribution of Blistering Barbecues to the success of the Magdalene May Ball. The success of the night would not have been possible without the hard work and excellent service we were provided by you and your colleagues. Blistering Barbecues provided by far the best food a Cambridge Ball had ever seen and made us truly stand out from the crowd’
Magdalene May Ball President

Take That Tour Party

Date: July 2011, Wembley

Guests: 300 Guests

Food: Caribbean Canapés and food Stations


Date: October 2007

Guests: 1,500 Guests

Food: Canapés & Bowl Food with 4 themed bars @ The Chainstore


Date: September 2007

Guests: 3,500 Guests

Food: Serving the walkers in Richmond, Battersea and Regent’s Parks throughout the day