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Barbecue & Wood-fired Caterers

Barbecue & Wood-fired Caterers

Our unique Barbecue and Woodfired Cuisine

The feedback from all of the guests was that the food was absolutely amazing – the salmon in particular was a huge hit, as was the hog roast, and the brownies were simply divine. It’s the very poshest BBQ food that I’ve ever had.

Blistering are the original and best caterer for cooking outside on charcoal and wood. We have the equipment, the knowhow and the years of experience over the grills and wood-roasting in our spectacular terracotta ovens to put on an unforgettable and theatrical catering show.

Blistering cuisine is colourful, dramatic and packed with flavour and will always raise eyebrows. We don’t fiddle with our food; we let it speak for itself. Experts in the art of marinading and basting, we know all the tricks to produce succulent seared and roasted meats, fish and vegetables. Accompanied by salads, sides, sauces and salsas created from carefully sourced and seasonal ingredients, Blistering menus are cooked by our team of talented chefs brought directly to your guests hot from the coals, or smoked and roasted from the wood-fired oven or spit-roast on a striking range of our own plates, trays and boards.

We tailor menus individually with our clients. From Bites to Bowls, Buffets to Banquets, Pizza Parties, Spit Roasts, more formal plated Dinners or International Streetfood Stalls, we will style them in contemporary or rustic style.